Healthy and beautiful, San Diego will aid you on your path to self-care

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Beach Meditation:

This is a great activity to do alone or with a group. This can mean laying in the sun, chanting some oms or a full yoga stretch while watching the sunset. Wherever your ambition lies, there is a beach waiting for you. For more information on San Diego Beaches, check out Top San Diego Beaches Explained and What to Expect.

Spa Day:

Whether you are splurging on a Spa Day at the Coronado Hotel or scouring Groupon for a deal, there are spas all over San Diego to give yourself a well-deserved self-care day.

Top-Notch: Coronado Spa

In an iconic hotel, on an island right outside of Downtown San Diego. It’s both glamorous and intimate in feel so you can enjoy the comforts along with the bliss.

Budget Choice: Karma Spa

With an impressive amount of offerings, including hour-long massages for as low as $55, Karma Spa is proof that you can receive good treatment without breaking the bank. Shoulders and neck rub after spending too much time on the computer, a classic Swedish massage or the hot stone massage that is their specialty. Listen to your body and pick what’s right for you.


Natural medicine:

Bastyr University

Stop by Batyr for a consultation and treatment plan that includes natural remedies instead of pharmaceuticals. If you are truly curious about natural healthcare options you can implement for yourself, this is a truly fascinating way to learn and take care of yourself.


Staying at the ITH Adventure Hostel? Right on the corner, there is a small natural pharmacy, obvious from the pink medical cross sign outside its door. Here you can shop for mystical healing crystals and pick up some herbs you may need for your travels.

Eat Right:

The best way to treat yourself is to try the diverse cuisine around San Diego. This food is good for your body and your soul.

Cafe Gratitude

On the pricier side, but worth trying some delicious and inventive drinks and dishes. The staff is very friendly and expect you to sit around, take in the city life happening around you as you sip your green drink into better health.

Parakeet Cafe

Whether you are a health nut and like to brave daring infusions of mushroom blended in matcha tea, or are very wary of crazy combos and simply want a tasty mocha, this place can make anything taste amazing. With all organic and vegan options on the menu, it is a place you can truly relax and know you are taking care of yourself.

Powerhaus Pizza and Smoothie

Located on Pacific Beach with healthy versions of your favorite meals. Pizza and smoothies make for a refreshing spin on Dominos and milkshakes.

Sweat it Out:

Make going to the gym an experience with these classes that get your heart pumping and your endorphins flowing…

The Boxing Club

Knock out your aggression and get your sweat on with rows of punching bags and a class that will kick your ass. If you are craving a good workout, this is the place for you. If you want to try it out, you get your first class free!

The Yoga Box

Created for yoga beginners that are looking to focus and customize their athletic goals. This welcoming community gives you a free trial to start the journey of realizing what works best for you.

The Facility Dance Studio

Cardio hip-hop? Burlesque? With so many different types of dance classes offered, it will be hard to pick just one. Take a dance class or several at this studio on Pacific Beach and revitalize the way you feel good about yourself.




Stay Healthy




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