How To Find A Job During COVID – San Diego

Amiel Terry

Have plans to move to or already moved to the San Diego area, but worried about finances? San Diego is consistently rated among the best places to live in America, but also the most expensive. So you might be wondering how to find a job during COVID. We got you covered. Here are 5 ways to get a job during COVID in San Diego.


Indeed is the typical go to for jobs. The website is super user friendly and it even has an “easy apply” feature that allows you to apply with an Indeed resume you make on the site.

Once you make a profile it is very easy to navigate the website. The job search function is also unique in the fact you don’t just have to search for job titles. You can use the search bar to type things like “urgently hiring” or “temp-to-hire” and everything that falls into that category will be shown.

I love the ease of use and flexibility of Indeed. It also gives you alerts and notifications for similar jobs.

Indeed TipsCraigslist

This is one that came as a surprise to me, being someone from the east coast. Typically from the east coast and down south, Craigslist is used for for selling and purchases. The jobs you saw were usually by individual people or small labor jobs.

Here on the west coast it is actually a lot different! Craigslist is a big platform that is readily used by many businesses and companies to hire people full-time, part-time, freelance positions and much more.

Just head over to and select San Diego as your location and you’ll find jobs sorted by categories like “arts, design, media” and “customer service”.

From there just pick which niche works best for you and apply at your leisure.

Flyers on the Business

Due to COVID, a lot have been initially forced to shut down and reduce hours. However,  now that the cases have lessened a bit and the lockdown has been lifted with the new precautions, more efficient masks, and sanitizing protocols, jobs are more readily available.

In the Hillcrest, North park, and OB areas I have seen a wide variety of businesses hosting “We’re Hiring” signs right on their doors and windows.

You can also find some of these business and hiring flyer on billboards and telephone poles around the city.

HitCold Call/Walk-in

Though some jobs may not have a flyer on the business or a posting on the internet that you saw, there is still potential to get a job.

Walking in and simply inquiring about work can sometimes be the most effective method . You never know what will happen. This is a great way to think of how to find a job during COVID.

Some of the best places to do walk-ins are restaurants and places you know that are essential and probably won’t close. Amazon, Target, Whole Foods, and Petco, are good places to start.

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