Guide To Jet Ski Rentals in San Diego

Amiel Terry

Water activities are a fan favorite and a must when you are going to a beach town like San Diego. One of the coolest things you can do is a jet ski rental and get to shredding on the water. The question is, where to go and how much they cost? We answer that here.

How Much Does It Cost?

Jet Ski prices have a wide wide range. They can start as low as $49/hour from Luxury Jet Ski Rentals to upwards of $200-$300/hour from private companies and owners so you definitely want to make sure you do your research.

Family Riding Jet Boat At Sunset

Also be warry of the conditions of the Jet Ski and the terms and condition of rental. For example, ensure that the jet ski is properly functioning and consider purchasing insurance if you can. Finally make sure to inquire about your time. Does your hour on the Jet Ski start from the moment you finalize payment or when you’re in the water ripping and running? You want to make sure you get full bang for your buck.

Groupon Jet Ski Rental

From our research, there are 4 current Groupon offers for jet ski rentals.

MuricaGroupon, typically known for having much less lower prices than the market, does have some prices that are on par with the general market. However, in this scenario where Groupon excels is they offer pretty unique package deals.

Instead of all prices typically ranging from (per hour) or full day prices, Groupon offers bundles such as 2.5 hours and you can also package the deals by the number of people. Click this link to check out the 4 Groupon Jet Ski options.

Harbor Island Jet Ski Rentals

KjLuxury Jet Ski Rentals is our current top pick for location and price of Jet ski rentals. Located on Harbor Island Drive, Luxury Jet Ski Rentals not only provides some of the best prices, but also some of the highest rated customer service you can ask for to get you completely taken care of and out on the water shedding in no time.

The cool thing about Luxury Jet Ski Rentals is they also offer other ways to have fun in the water. They have paddle boarding, kayaking, and 5 and 6 passenger boat rentals if you want to go with family and friends.

However, the absolute coolest thing they have is *drumroll please*, FLY BOARDING!! Never heard of it? Say no more. Take a look:

There it is. Your ultimate guide to jet ski rentals in San Diego, with a little twist at the end. Enjoy! Make sure if you’re coming to San Diego to check us out at ITH!



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