Great Coffee Shops in San Diego to Work

Barbarah Meireles
Coffee San Diego Work

We selected the best and most affordable coffee shops in San Diego to work

In a time that remote job is a reality, actually an excellent reality, it is possible to consider traveling and working at the same time

Life of our dreams? For most people, traveling and working at the same time is already a kind of routine that we strongly recommend. In this fast pace life, every day we listen about cases of people getting burnout and depression because of their hard work and many specialists say that being out of the office has great benefits for mental health. If you come to San Diego, be sure that you will find good coffees to have your job done while immersed in the city atmosphere.

Lestat’s on Park

Coffee San Diego Work

This coffee is located at 4496 Park Blvd and many students live in this area. So it is easy to see people studying and working in this coffee, especially the young. The atmosphere is amazing and the quiches are very good!

Better Buzz Coffee Hillcrest

Coffee San Diego Work

This coffee shop is located in Hillcrest – the most diverse and inclusive neighborhood of San Diego. While you work, try the avocado toast – is of course the most famous meal in Better Buzz. To drink, ask for the rose latte, that comes with real rose petals! In the end, we recommend you try the acai bowl to keep your energy up to work!

Caffè Calabria

Coffee San Diego Work

Caffè Calabria is located at North Park. The main attraction of this coffee shop is the giant roaster that they have there, so be sure that you will drink super fresh coffee in this place! You should sit outside and enjoy the good atmosphere of the patio. The pizzas are also a good choice at Calabria. If you go during happy hour you can also save some money!

James Coffee Co.

Coffee San Diego Work

The wifi in James Coffee is very good, so be sure that you can stay there for many hours working while you try some food and drinks. It is easy to find a James Coffee around the city once they are a chain. An interesting thing is that they serve the coffee in reusable glasses – yes, sustainability matters!

The Living Room Coffeehouse

San Diego Coffee Work

If you are looking for a wonderful ambiance to work or study, go to The Living Room Coffee House. Once it is at a university area, many students go there to study and enjoy the atmosphere. The wifi there is free and you should try the acai bowl! The coffee store is located at 5900 El Cajon Blvd.

Now you know the best and most affordable coffee shops in San Diego, check some good food for money places in Hillcrest here.

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