Meals Bring Travelers Together

ITH Hostels has created dining experiences for guests to enjoy local food and socialize with other travelers. We look at each guest as part of our family and we want to make sure they have free time to explore the city and then come home to a meal at ITH.

By hosting breakfast and dinner each day for our guests, it creates an amazing sense of community where everyone can get to know each other and trade travel stories. Meal types vary at each ITH Location.

In San Diego, our breakfast is catered from the local’s favorite Bread and Cie Bakery. Menu options change daily and include a variety of bread flavors and custom Breakfast Breads. We also offer oatmeal, fresh fruit, coffee and tea during breakfast.

Dinner at the Hostels is a great time to meet other travelers and plan your next days adventures! Our staff normally dines around 7:30pm with a homemade dish and always has an extra seat at the table if you want to join. Guests often cook dishes from their home countries and everyone shares as a big family.

In Big Bear, we have a kitchen preparing hot breakfast and hot dinner everyday.
On Tuesdays at all locations, we get together as a group and head out for tacos and margaritas for Taco Tuesday.

FREE MEals vary by location

Granola and Fruit

Sunday BBQ

Grilled Sausages

Garden Salads

Delicious Spaghetti

Hot Meals Prepared Daily

Blueberry Waffles

Home Cooked Breakfast

Delicious Breakfast

Homemade Pizzas

Golden Toast and Hot Coffee

BBQ Steaks

Vegetarian Dishes

Fresh Fruit

Breakfast Sandwiches

Roasted Dinners