Enjoy A Winter Holiday In San Diego!

Finding the best place to take a winter vacation is a no brainer, don't endure a winter storm when you can take a walk in the sun!

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Here’s what you can be doing this winter in San Diego…

1. Soak up the sun in the warm climate

It cannot be stated enough to those of you that hate shoveling snow or need a break from the chill, San Diego is a relaxing place to warm up in the winter when most of the country is just plain COLD. It is the secret time to avoid crowds in San Diego because people only think to come in the summer months. They come in the summer but it is said they fall in love with the city in winter.

2. Explore Mexico

With Tijuana being so conveniently located 20 miles South of San Diego, it is an easy jolt into a new world and culture where you can enjoy hand made ceramics, amazing food and beaches. Mexico is an easily accessible day trip that gives a taste of the Mexican culture that impacts San Diego so strongly. Check out the article TRAVELING TO MEXICO FROM SAN DIEGO for more tips and information on what to do.

3. Great concerts

At wonderful venues, inside and outside, on the water or in the park, whatever you are jiving for, there is some wonderful talent that comes through San Diego regularly due to the proximity to LA.

4. Tacos and Mexican Food

Mexico is close by and makes its mark on San Diego through the amazing Mexican food all over the city. Finding a small storefront you can walk up to the window and order at usually means you have found an authentic Mexican food place. They usually don’t like frills, just amazing food.

5. Big waves for surfing

This is the time of year or all you surfers that have been waiting for the U.S. to get some waves. In the winter months not only do the whales migrate through SoCal but the surfers make their pilgrimage as well. With tons of beaches that have great documented surf, by surfers themselves. Check out the article, 7 GREAT WAVES TO SURF IN SAN DIEGO for more info on where to find the best waves this winter.


Relax in the warm sunshine on your next winter holiday in San Diego and experience ITH Hostels for an adventurous and social vacation!


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