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If you’re retreating to Big Bear for the weekend, cabin selection is pivotal. This will define your entire experience. Your cabin is where you withdraw after playing out on the lake or a long day of skiing. Curling up next to the large fireplace will become one of your fondest memories. Or blow up your Instagram feed. Whichever suits your style. 
Not choosing a good cabin can derail your entire mountain experience.
Lucky for you, Big Bear is speckled with stellar cabins. It goes with the territory of a mountain resort town. But if you are looking to set your mountain getaway apart, then our 1900’s Rustic Cabin is the place to be.
How can we so boldly state that ours is the best?
Good question. Let’s back up that statement:

The Best Rustic Cabin Around

ITH Big Bear
You have to start by breaking down what makes a good cabin for mountain adventures.
As we mentioned, you have to have a stunning fireplace.
Back in the day, mountain men (and women) didn’t have access to all the glorious amenities like high-speed Internet, electricity, and heat. For them, the fireplace served as a light source, the cornerstone for entertainment, and the heater. Life revolved around this crucial structure
Now don’t worry, we cover all those amenities. We even throw in Amazon Prime to shake things up. While the fireplace doesn’t serve the essential functionalities it used to, it should serve as a focal point of your cabin time.
ITH Big Bear 4
We invite you to unplug and step into that mountain mentality. Converse with friends. Dive into a good book. Sip a cup of cocoa and watch the firewood crackle. Even with all the amazing activities in big bear, this will be one of your favorite moments. It’s where relaxation and rejuvenation starts.
ITH Big Bear 3
In addition to the fireplace we have a cozy living room, spacious porch with an incredible view, card playing table, dartboard, and a kitchen for you to spend your time in. Our room set up comfortably sleeps eight. We have three private bedrooms with eleven beds.
ITH Big Bear 2
Wherever you are in this large cabin, you’ll enjoy the rustic charm and mountain lifestyle.

The ITH Experience

If you’re not sold that our rustic cabin stands out on features alone, then this piece will leave the other options in the dust. As part of the ITH brand, guests will enjoy two free meals daily and seasonal adventures hosted by our team at the Big Bear Mountain Adventure Lodge.
Extra perk, our Mountain Adventure Lodge has a ginormous fireplace that all of our guest can enjoy.
At the core, it comes down to the difference we have in our philosophy. We view our guests as new friends. As with any friend who would visit, we want to ensure that we take hospitality to the next level. This is an essential piece to who we are. Regardless of which ITH property you choose to stay at, you can count on a superior guest experience.

What Guests Are Saying

We are committed to redefining the guest experience. And it shows! Our guests have incredible things to say about their stay with us.
Here is what they are saying:
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Book today!

Ready to get this adventure going? Then book today. If you have an entire group ready for adventure, then check out our option to book the entire cabin. Just you and one or two others? Then check out our private room options. More than eight people? You can rent out the entire Mountain Adventure Lodge!
Regardless of your group size, ITH has the perfect accommodation for you.



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