Big Bear: Escape the City & See the Snow!

Bobby Dyer

Every once in a while, it’s good to wipe off that city dust and head to a rejuvenating weekend in the mountains. Once you drink in that cool crisp mountain air, you’ll be convinced this is the best getaway you’ve had in a long time.

While this breath of fresh air tastes good all year, we’re entering into our favorite season for the International Traveler’s House Big Bear properties. It’s winter. That means skiing and snowboarding season.


What makes winter so magical?


If you live in the San Diego region or in neighboring Arizona, likely you chose your hometown based on the absence of a traditional winter. We can relate with skipping out on the constant shoveling, heating your car before driving out, and the endless scraping ice off windows. That stuff goes hand-in-hand with living in the states to the north.


Visiting the snow is different.

To start, you avoid all the hassles that build over time when living in the snow. Want to avoid shoveling the sidewalk? Done. Our team takes care of all of that. Looking to sit and watch winter happen from a window? Easy! We have an inviting living space with a large fireplace beckoning your name.


What’s left is pure magic.


When you visit our Big Bear Mountain Adventure Lodge or Lake Retro Cabin, you have a renewing experience with winter. Snow dancing its way across the sky will bring joy. Powder underneath your skis brings a rush of adrenaline. Racing down the mountain on an inner tube will remind you that you are alive. Mastering turns on a snowboard will reignite your passion for the outdoor sports.


This winter season we would like to invite you to see winter through our eyes. Escape the city for a weekend getaway. We’re a short drive from anywhere in San Diego, Riverside or Orange County. You can head up Friday night and return Sunday completely refreshed.


If you are able to slip away during the week, you’ll enjoy midweek discounts and feel like you have the ski hill to yourself. If a weekend is good for the soul, imagine the benefits of an entire week in the mountains!


The hot cocoa at the lodge is always stocked. We occasionally have free snowboarding lessons. We have stacked up plenty of firewood to keep the lodge as cozy as ever. We’re also convinced the 2015-2016 year will be yet another fantastic season. Just check out all the events we have going on!


For your winter mountain getaway, consider our Mountain Adventure Lodge or our Lake Retro Cabin. With two free meals a day, a friendly environment, and the rustic cabin ambiance, you can’t go wrong.


Cofounder of ITH Hostels. I love traveling, hosting, gardening, golfing, fishing, and sailing.