Big Bear 2015 Winter Events to Look Forward To

Can you feel that? Winter is in the air.


Okay, maybe not where you are, but up here in Big Bear the evenings are starting to bring the crisp chill and mornings will soon provide that thin layer of frost. Within the blink of an eye, we will be celebrating that first snow blanketing the mountainside.


And we will be fully immersed in the gloriousness of winter.


You see, winter at Big Bear is a special thing. For the most part, Southern California enjoys an endless summer utopia. No matter what time of year you stay at out ITH San Diego locations, you’ll be loading up on the sunscreen and sporting shorts.


Big Bear is one of the few retreats south of Los Angeles where you can go to experience the magic of winter.


Because winter is magical. From catching snowflakes to bundling up with a cup of hot chocolate to carving your way down the mountain, there are some activities you can only enjoy in the land of winter.


Along with a plethora of activities, Big Bear winter comes with several specific seasonal events.


ITH Photo


Here are our favorites:


Big Bear Lake Village Scarecrow Festival

September 25th–November 8th


Celebrate your favorite Wizard of Oz character with a whole festival showcasing scarecrow displays. They will range from spooky to creative to just plain odd.


Winter Concert Series at The Cave

Dates vary


The Cave spices up the season with ongoing concerts and jam sessions. From the Kiefer Sutherland Band to Deana Carter, you will never be disappointed with the quality of shows they bring in.


ITH Halloween Party

October 31st


You can’t let Halloween slip by without celebrating! Lucky for you Big Bear goes all out with their annual party. Details are slowly coming out, so be sure to check in with the ITH staff to point you in the right direction.


Big Bear Mountain Opening Day

Date TBD


Perhaps our favorite day of the entire season, even giving Christmas a run for its money, is opening day at Big Bear Mountain. After enduring an entire summer and fall without shredding on the mountain, we are already itching to hit the slopes.


Annual Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam

Date TBD


Every year Volcom sets out on a hunt to discover the best amateur snowboarding talent in North America. Their Peanut Butter and Rail Jam identifies the top 5 riders in four divisions, inviting them to the championship at Mammoth Mountain.


Recognizing the sheer awesomeness of our boarders, they grace our mountain annually to sit back and enjoy our talent.


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