Best Hiking in Big Bear Lake

Best Hiking in Big Bear Lake

Best Hiking in Big Bear Lake

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Heading up to Big Bear Lake soon? Well, as you know the weather is getting warmer and sunnier every day. So wax the snowboards for the season and get out those hiking boots! International Travelers House Hostels has your next list of awesome things to do in Southern California.


Check out this list of great hikes recommended by experienced travelers and hikers. And as always, if you plan on staying for a few days, be sure to stop into The Big Bear Mountain Adventure Lodge.


It is a beautiful location located right off the main strip with a view of the lake and a great staff, including Taylor Alexander (@quirktotravel on Instagram), an experienced hiker and amazing host!


Lastly, we provided multiple resources in the links connecting you to the trails to discover great online resources for hiking! Be sure to check them all out and pick your favorite.



Best Hiking in Big Bear Lake: Cougar Crest



Best Hiking in Big Bear Lake

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This trail is an intermediate difficulty, a 2.4-mile hike that is a fan favorite and a top pick from our resident manager and hiker at ITH big Bear. It’s first on our list and might be a good idea to be a first on your list too!



Best Hiking in Big Bear Lake: Skyline



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An incredible view awaits you when you take this single track trail that takes you above Big Bear Lake and over the Snow Summit Ski Resort. This one is a doozy, at a little over 15 miles in total. For instance, take a small hike and double back or brave the all-day journey. The choice is yours.



Best Hiking in Big Bear Lake: PCT, Cedars Glen Deep Creek




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Not quite in Big Bear, but worth the drive and hike, the Cedar Glen Deep Creek hot springs give you a beautiful view of the Big Bear Mountains to the West and the Mojave Desert to the East.


Along the way you will experience deep gorges carved out by the streams, giant boulders of granite, secluded and peaceful forest and so much more.

In addition, it all ends with an excellent and remote hot spring!



Best Hiking in Big Bear Lake: Boulder Bay Park



Best Hiking in Big Bear Lake

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Hiking that will get your blood pumping and breath heavy, kayaking that will bring you peace and retrospection, a beautiful view and ambiance at the shore. Boulder Bay lives up to its name with massive house-sized boulders that rise up all around you. Additionally, there is a nice park with a grassy area and benches for picnicking and enjoying that amazing view!



Best Hiking in Big Bear Lake: Kayak Park



Best Hiking in Big Bear Lake

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Kayaking may be the perfect way to take in the total experience of being in nature. As you enter in from the West into Big Bear you will find several opportunities to Kayak. Pushing off from one side of the lake can easily get you into the full experience of the mountain range, wildlife, and bustling inner town that rests inside this beautiful valley surrounded by the Big Bear Mountains.


Best Hiking in Big Bear Lake: Big Bear Discovery Center



Best Hiking in Big Bear Lake

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The Discovery Center doubles as a hiking adventure and a learning center. Interactive and informational signposts and info boards provide the hiker with knowledge of local wildlife, preservation projects and important common knowledge about traversing the wild world of Big Bear and beyond. Above all, enjoy nature and take in the great info!


Best Hiking in Big Bear Lake: Woodland Trail 



Best Hiking in Big Bear Lake

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Firstly, this trail is an excellent choice for the beginner interested in starting their journey as an avid or occasional hiker. Although it is still an incredibly enjoyable hike for any level of experience. The 1.6-mile loop takes you up and down the mountainside with a great view of the dynamic and unique wildlife of flora, fauna and the North side of the lake. However you want to do it, it’s all up to you!



Finally, there it is! Our top seven picks for best hikes in Big Bear Lake. In other words, enjoy the day, be adventurous and disconnect from the fast-paced and sometimes overwhelming ways of regular day to day life. Hey, you can even leave your cell phones and take pictures with an old fashion camera! Maybe we’re asking for too much haha.



Hey, and don’t forget to check out the historic lodge where ITH offers very affordable accommodations with dinner and breakfast included! There is no better deal in town.