Best Deal for San Diego Spring Break Lodging

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For college students, there is one event as predictable as midterms and finals. That is spring break. Lucky for all those enduring grueling exams, spring break is both magical and something to look forward to. It’s the one glorious week that everyone lets the stress slip away in favor of adventure. This break is so rejuvenating that even preparing for, and planning it, can help eat away at some of the stress of school.

Well, my friends, it’s time to start preparing! In fact, you can really start planning out this trip at any point in the year.


For those students who hear San Diego calling their name, we have the lowdown on the best lodging option out there.


Why International Traveler’s House is the BEST Deal


Budget travelers rejoice in the plethora of reasons why International Traveler’s House (ITH) is the best budget lodging in the area. For starters, as a hostel, we offer affordable pricing. That’s pretty much a given for hostels, so we won’t linger there too long. Just know that we are cheaper than any hotel in San Diego.


The real perks are our free meals and free daily adventures.


We start every day with a home-cooked breakfast. Firing up the skillets, we serve a range of scrumptious meals from scrambled eggs to breakfast burritos to pancakes and more. Every day is different. Sometimes, we also utilize fresh veggies out of our garden. You don’t often see fresh picked or organic in the continental breakfast bar.


Come dinnertime, we bring out the cooks again. You better come hungry as we dish up anything from tacos to pastas to BBQ and more. Again, we head to the garden to see what we can incorporate into our salads or side dishes. Nothing tastes as good as fresh off the vine!


Whether it’s breakfast or dinner, we always have a vegetarian dish. If you let us know in advance, we can often accommodate vegan eaters as well. In fact, we are so proud of our meals, we have an entire infographic outlining what you can expect.


Pretty impressive, if we do say so ourselves.


That’s only half the unique ITH benefits. We take our guests on free, daily adventures! Let us be your San Diego tour guide by opting in for our daily outings. Every day brings a new adventure. If you stay with us for the whole week, you can expect activities like surfing, Mexico trips, hiking, sailing, and more.


Check out our scheduled activities.


College Student Spring Break Options


At ITH, we have five different properties. You can get the lowdown on all of them here. For spring break, here are the three different options we recommend.


Traditional Hostel Experience


See where the ITH magic started at the San Diego Adventure Hostel. This property is our first hostel. If you’re looking for the ambiance and energy of your stereotypical hostel, this is the place for you!


There will always be a fellow traveler around to share a beer with or to start a game of pool with. We’ve also been known to spontaneously break out in song with an impromptu jam session or get dressed up for a themed party. Don’t worry about costumes; we have a whole closet for you to choose from should the occasion arise.


Eco-Friendly and Alcohol Free


We are pleased to introduce our newest property, the Eco Farm House. This property caters to those who prefer a more quiet and serene lodging option. You can enjoy the gardens or a sun salutation on the back patio. As the poster child for our sustainability efforts, you will find a variety of different eco-friendly measures built in around the property. This includes homemade soap, our extensive garden, and elaborate irrigation systems.


As it is designed for guests looking for a clean living option, we do not allow smoking or drinking. Guests here are able to walk over and enjoy the ambiance and amenities of the San Diego Adventure Hostel.




While not in San Diego proper, Big Bear is just a short distance from San Diego. Here we have our Big Bear Mountain Adventure Lodge. If you’re itching for the outdoors, particularly the best skiing in Southern California, then a quick trip to Big Bear is a must. During the spring we often have day trips or overnight trips departing out of San Diego.


Big Bear offers an incredible amount of activities you can do year round! No matter your favorite outdoor activity, you’ll be able to find something to enjoy during spring break.


Have the Best Spring Break


We may be biased, but we believe that San Diego is the best destination for an epic spring break. With gorgeous weather year round and countless activities to enjoy, how could it not be?


To get you started, we put together a “Spring Break Guide” and an “Insider’s Guide to San Diego on a Budget.” Between these two guides and our daily activities, you are set for the best spring break yet.


Book your stay today!


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