7 Tips to find a good hostel at a great price on your next trip

How do I choose a good hostel when there are so many options? Here are the steps to take in order to find a place that is both cost-efficient, and a great experience:

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1. Read reviews

The good and the bad. Don’t discriminate, it is important to see all sides of the place so you know what travelers are saying. Keep in mind that the information may be biased based on who writes reviews and the fact that some travelers don’t understand the social concept of a good hostel. If a person was looking for a quiet and private stay, they will definitely leave a bad review. But reading reviews is still an efficient way to find out the basics and pick out the hostels you like and don’t.

2. What do they offer?

See if they are offering any events during the day or evenings which will make the vibe better. It will allow you to get to know the people you are living with and enjoy the time you have in between study seasons. See if there are any combo deals are available, such as a party bus, or a group trip to a beach or museum that has food included in the charge, mark that down as a possibility to save money and have an adventure.


3. Decide what type of hostel you are looking for

There are so many types of hostels popping up! Which is good, it means you can be more selective of the vibe you immerse yourself into. There are budget hostels, boutique hostels, unique experience hostels, party and luxury hostels to name a few. See what suits you for the location and type of trip you are in the mood for.

4. Check out their social media

Every place everywhere has social media now. It is a great way to see what a company values and more importantly, what that hostel wants you to see. It is there for you to observe and see what happens on a day to day basis at this location, in this atmosphere. It gives you a great idea right off the bat if it is a good fit for you or not. Research their Instagram for any videos and photos that capture the experience.

5. Find the deals

Research deals happening on online booking websites like booking.com. Then call the hostel directly and speak with their team to receive a matching rate compared to the promo you see online.

Tip: When you book directly, you will receive better deals

6. Ask other travelers

Ask the people you trust, the people you like when you travel. If they like a place, most likely you and other people like you with similar travel priorities will be at this location too.

Ultimately, who would know better about a great place to stay than a friend or someone from the place you are going to? Seeking first-hand reviews is the best, most accurate way to get your information about a place to stay.

7. Get the details

Ask the hostel if they offer any discounts or upgrades for extended stays. It can’t hurt to ask and depending on the time of year, you might just hit the jackpot. If it is the slow season in the city you are going to or just a slow week in general, you might score a discount on your stay.

Tip: The longer you stay, the better the deal they can give you



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