3 Big Bear Dining Options for Groups

Bobby Dyer

Big Bear is the perfect destination for a ski weekend or mountain getaway. If you’ve packed several cars full of your closest friends to share the experience with, check out these restaurants that are happy to accommodate large groups:
Old Country Inn
41126 Big Bear Blvd. | 909-866-5600


This location isn’t for dainty eaters. Renowned for giant portions, comfort food is their specialty. The menu offers a blend of German and American dishes. Just about any dish you order will be reasonably priced and enough to feed a small army. Food coma is a regular state here.


The Cowboy Steakhouse & Saloon
40433 Lakeview Dr. | 909-866-1486


People go here for the atmosphere just as much for the plate-sized steaks. Patrons are greeted with an ambiance reminiscent of a mountain cabin. This includes deer antlers, bear skin rugs and rustic tools decorating the walls.


Vegetarians should be wary. This steak house prides itself on showcasing its certified all-natural Angus Steaks, as well as the wide selection of other carnivorous delicacies. The Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon being just one favorite.


Big Bear Lake Brewing Company
40827 Stone Road | 909-878-0283


A newbie to the Big Bear scene, this restaurant is a welcome addition to the lineup. They offer an array of Big Bear Craft Brews, as well as a bonus selection of microbrews. Their gastropub inspired menu features fresh and seasonal items.




With countless group activities for all seasons, Big Bear is a perfect destination for your group getaway!


If you are looking to skip the advanced mathematics problem when splitting the bill, dine at Big Bear Mountain Adventure Lodge. We provide FREE dinners and breakfasts for all guests. The top lodging for groups in Big Bear, you can enjoy the same atmosphere of dining out without the headache of divvying up the tab.


We can accommodate group sizes from 2-35. Depending on your needs, we arrange the rooms to tailor to your specific group needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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