12 Reasons to Not Visit San Diego

Bobby Dyer

San Diego is often hyped up as paradise. But why would someone want to subject themselves to all that sunshine? Or beaches for that matter. People have it all wrong.
Here are the 12 reasons San Diego is not a good vacation spot:

1) Sunsets are Overrated


The sun disappearing over the ocean and lighting up the sky with a myriad of stunning colors- been there. Done that. SO over it.

2) Sunshine- Who Wants That?


I prefer dismal and gloomy. Especially on vacation. Sun-drenched beaches don’t do it for me.

3) Adventure? I’ll Stay at Home

Who would really want to spend their time surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing?

4) Boardwalks- I prefer Normal Sidewalks

Why walk next to the beach where there are perfectly good sidewalks in a city center? It’s even better when the tall building block out the sunshine.

5) No Bland Food Options

Blind Lady Alehoue San Diego
Photo by Yelp.com
slaters 50/50 San Diego
Photo by www.slaters5050.com

San Diego’s food selection just has too many flavorful options. Why would I want to decide between Thai, Greek, Mexican, Brazilian, Italian and a dozen other options?

6) Fish Should Never Be In a Taco


There are just combinations that don’t make sense. And mango salsa. Whose idea was that?

7) Beaches are Dirty


Who would want to lie out on that?

8) No One Wants to See Marine Life

Whales, dolphins and sea otters can be the focus of a day trip. But who would want to see these creatures out in the wild? I mean we have a Discovery Channel for a reason. Wind in your hair and the fresh scent of the ocean is not how I’d spend my day.

9) Craft Beer is Terrible

Where To Drink In San Diego
San Diego has 70 different breweries in the region. These craft beer coinsures have made a true art out of brewing. Didn’t anyone tell them that California is known for wine?

10) 70 Degrees is Not the Perfect Temperature



Frigid temperatures or blazing hot summer days are more my style. Bring on the thermal underwear!

11) Pandas are not cute.


 12) 70 Miles of Coast is a Little Obscene


Who really needs that much combination of surf, sand and stunning ocean views?

Well, that about sums it up. San Diego is only for people who love sun, beach, adventure and good times.
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